Real Estate

In this economy and real estate market, real property disputes are on the rise and can affect you in many ways. Whether you have been wrongfully foreclosed upon, done business with an unscrupulous person, or cannot collect on a judgment due to fraudulent real estate transfers, our attorneys can help protect your rights and recover compensation for any wrongs you have suffered. From transactions to litigation, Barnes Firm’s attorneys have experience in every facet of the law dealing with real estate. Call today and come in to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

Barnes Firm gets results in real estate litigation matters.

Areas of Expertise include:

  • Landlord / Tenant Issues
  • Homeowner’s Association Disputes
  • Wrongful Foreclosure
  • Contract Litigation
  • Fraudulent Transfers
  • Contract Drafting / Review
  • Property Boundary Disputes
  • Real Estate Agent Commission Disputes
  • Nuisance
  • Title Clearance